Silvia Prada

From New York she’s still sending us her visual culture, that which drinks from icons of music and cinema from the last 30 years, which flows from her pencil, her delicate and sensual pencil. She is one of the most multifaceted of the contemporary Spanish artists, a creator who is now an icon herself for the later generations, although she doesn’t like to talk about it.

Silvia Prada started illustrating for some of the most influential international magazines of the nineties, Dazed&Confused, Interview, and The Face, being the first artist, in 2001, to reaffirm herself as against the established tendency based on colour, of the abuse of photography and digital overdose. She caused a surprise back then with this classic and figurative style which defines her so much and which has been imitated by many others.

She is currently publishing in magazines such as VUsa, VMan, Tokion, Dazed&Confused, Black Book, Fanzine 137, and Candy Magazine; and she has worked with brands such as Nike, Loewe, Uniqlo, Oysho, Stolichnaya....

Her accessability, her closeness to pop as a visual artist makes prominent members of the fashion and cultural elite proud to collect her work.

In 2013 she exhibited her work ‘The New Modern Hair: A Styling Chart’, murals XXL, and drawings about masculine identity individually in the Design Center, Los Ángeles, in which she worked with names such as Luis Venegas, Bruce LaBruce, and Robert Knoke.