It is not easy to create your own imaginary in a world full of graphic resources and copies, but what this young illustrator from Tokyo (Japan) does has distinguished herself in a short time, due to her reflection of the everyday and the fantastic use of color. Her work is already iconic.

Graduated from Musashino University of Art and Design, her work straddles editorial design and advertising. In fact, Millitsuka has become known in the sector by making the Tokyo Subway campaign in 2022.

She usually uses digital work, but for Gunter Gallery has returned to the origins with acrylic, gouache and brushes. Her inspiration is in the street, in architecture, in the domestic; that is why she always shoots photos on her walks that end up being part of her spatial fantasies, where people are without being, and houses, buildings and their interiors also breathe, speak and sway between the four sides of the canvas.