Mikel Urmeneta

Mikel Urmeneta artworkHis drawings are in the street, always in movement, in the window displays and hanging lines. Urmeneta (Pamplona, 1963) is one of the creators of the Kukuxumusu brand. He can't keep still. They say he is the great 'charlatan' of Kukuxumusu. Apart from being a founding member of the company, he works as creative director, and the one 'irresponsible' for brand ideas.

He lives between New York and Pamplona, and spreads his time between Kukuxumusu and his multiple hobbies – parties, friends, traveling, photography, poster making, wine, cinema, nonsense, etc. - without it being clear how he can still be successful on so many fronts. But art and illustration are the other facets in demand of him, although many won't be acquainted with them outside of his business success.

He has published his works in media such as Esquire and The New York Times, with a multitude of exhibitions, publishing books and even incursions into the world of cinema. He was chosen Vasco Universal in 2009 and is addicted to sushi, which has given him, instead of a head of hair, a low-tide seaweed display adorns his head.

www.kukuxumusu.com | @MikelUrmeneta