Juan Díaz-Faes

Juan Díaz-Faes born in Oviedo (Spain), grew up drawing before studying Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca (Spain) and later developing his career in graphic design, illustration, and muralism. Since 2017, cities such as Paris, Miami, Austin, Guangzhou (China), Punta del Este, Hamburg, Seoul, Madrid or Santander have large-scale murals signed by this artist.

He has exhibited solo at the Point Éphémére center in Paris and at the Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid. His last collective exhibition was at the Hyundai Museum (Seoul) and he has previously visited cities such as Barcelona, Madrid or Taipei.

The stories contained in Díaz-Faes’ boisterous patrons are born in Le Cluf, the artist's studio and creation space located in Castanedo, a small town in the province of Cantabria (Spain). In this project, he has the support of the creation driven by the SOLO Collection in Madrid (an international arts project based in Madrid which aims to foster, support and share the artwork of today).