Javier Mariscal

Mariscal atwork Chico & Rita

This man has made a lot of drawings, books, things, sculptures, and even a film. An everpresent reference for us. Born in Valencia in 1950, he has developed his professional career in Barcelona and his name is now iconic and historic in European art, design, and illustration.

The mediterranean culture of both cities reveals itself in his work; from it he has inherited its hedonism, optimism, and symbolism which characterize his designs, further to the vibrant chromatic palette and his poetic approach. Before being multifaceted was recognized as a virtue, his professional activity already stood out by seamlessly moving from one branch of art to another thanks to an untiring curiosity and his passion for innovating in order to contribute to day-to-day life being more interesting, easy, and friendly.

His big speciality is drawing, due to this his attitude towards any work is artistic, using a universal and timeless language which brings together value, singularity, and emotion in its suggestion. For us it's a great honour to be able to incorporate this piece from one of the great maestros of graphic design and illustration from the 20th century.

www.mariscal.com | @chavimaris