Profile douroneThe simplicity of the faces and the overlapping lines, these are some of the features of Dourone's work, an urban artist and illustrator, named Fabio Lopez, who is one of the biggest names in international urban art.

He started with graffiti in 1999 in his hometown, Madrid (Spain), but soon learned that his career was going through all those countries where there were walls available, and so did. Now living in many places and none as he continues with his project 'Art for the people', a worldwide tour focused on urban art, which always expresses his style, a mix between his feelings and thinkings, both influenced by the Uruguayan writer and journalist Eduardo Galeano, who admires.

His work is always evolving, because he works for a concrete fact, a definite place and with an own rationality each time. He has painted murals in Paris or Los Angeles, and confesses that his influences range from Moebiuos to Philippe Mohiltz. But, he claims that nothing like a glass of wine for the emergence of ideas. | @dourone