El 'On the draw' de Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet On the Draw - Gran Canaria

One of the most interesting artistic projects of the year was set off in July 2014.  Seven illustrators (the Spanish Paula Bonet, the German Ekaterina Korolova,  the French Malika Favre,  the Irish Steve Simpson, the Belgian Ben Heine, the Swedish Jens Magnusson and the Danish Mads Berg) were invited to travel to the Canary Islands where each was assigned one of the seven islands of the canary archipelago.

Once there, assisted by local artists who served as guide and helped them to understand the idiosyncrasies of each island, they should translate the experience into artworks and travel books.

The project, promoted by the goverment of Spain, was calledOn the draw’ and has resulted in a spectacular gallery of images where each of the artists brings, with their unique style, a new image of the archipelago.

This November,  the project On the Draw landed in its first destination, London, to give a little warmth to its cold winter. The exhibition consists of artworks and workbooks arised from the experience and was opened on November 3 in the gallery 'Canvas Studios' (31 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch, London), in the district of Shoreditch, one of the favorite scenarios of the British cultural scene.

We are happy to Paula Bonet and surrended to her talent.



Mads Berg On the draw - Hierro    Paula Bonet - El jardín canario - On the draw    Malika Fravre - On the draw     

 Pieza Mars Berg Pieza de Paula Bonet  Pieza de Malika Favre Pieza de Jens Magnusson       

Click here to know more about the artwork, Cactus-Man, that Paula Bonet has done for Gunter Gallery.  

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