It's time to eat Madrid with verses

  Comerse Madrid a versos, Boamistura

"I felt an astronaut lost in your moles" And it seems that they want to continue looking for them. The colective of artists Boamistura just launched a project that wants to make Madrid a friendlier place. "Sentimental Vandalism" is how they define this artistic action which shows tens of verses of the Spanish musician Rayden in the streets of the city.

Social networking has exploded talking about it and there is nobody who has not feel identified with any of the poetic sentences at the crosswalks in Madrid. "There is not ‘imposible’, there is ‘improbable’", "I will make you humor until you reach the orgasm"... As they explain, "this project is an act of love of artists and poets for our beloved Madrid".

This action, made outside institutions and companies, has confirmed the collective Boamistura as one of the most interesting cultural assets in Spain. All the information of "Madrid, I would eat you with verses" appears in this link:

And remember, you can see Boamistura’s artworks in Gunter here.


Comerse a versos Madrid Boamistura urban art  Comerse a versos Madrid Boamistura urban art   

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