Our work

1 We chose the artists we like.
2. Using traditional techniques, we produce the artworks we have fallen in love with.
3 We put the artwork in a painter handmade folder made with recycled materials or framed it if you asked for, and send them by courier.
4. You receive it at home, hang it on your wall and you start to smile every time you look at it.


We believe in artistic tradition, but we revise it. We seek out our new generation artists without beating about the bush, those who will form part of, or already are, the history of international New Art. We give them a wink and we tell them to recover techniques that have fallen into disuse, like silk screen series, engraving, or photoengraving, and put them to work creating. Yes, we only ask them to dedicate to creation.

With silk screen series we look for authenticity in the artistic process, we highlight it and make it attractive with inks and papers which we even bring over from India. We give value to an artist's numbered and signed copy, to a limited edition, a piece that is already unique the moment it arrives at your home. Because there will never be an equal to yours. And, furthermore, we certify it. This also is Art.

We also send it to your home with the delicacy that a piece of Art deserves, in its individual folder of recycled cardboard, so it arrives to your living room flatpacked and without any damage. Or we can also frame it for you with care and if you live closeby we can deliver it in person, because we like to see the faces of those who love the Art of the Gunter Gallery artists. You, our collectors, you make us happy every day.