The streets of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, and those of Shanghai, in China, saw the artistic beginnings of Sancho, an artist who is inspired by the world of graffiti, architecture and urban life. His ascent as an artist came in 2022, when his work full of humorous resources, quirky characters and a very distinctive hand-drawn line has filled the Social Networks.

From popular culture to fashion or music, the references are constant in his pieces, which has led him to collaborate with brands such as NBCUniversal, LG, Wrike, Revolut or Carlsberg Group, among others. His pictorial style draws on art brut, but also on the powerful luminosity of pop art, along with references to comics, Japanese illustration and circus language. He had his first exhibition in 2022 at Boomer Gallery in London, but the fuse is already on… | @bysancho