'Made by mud and air', the new exhibition by Mercedes Bellido

With the title of ‘De barro y aire’ (Made by mud and air), the artist Mercedes Bellido will be the guest creator of this awaited live exhibition. She will present a series of unique still life pieces that reflect different types of traditional ceramics around the world. In the words of the artist, in these porcelains “the action takes place within the clay itself; the butterflies that surround the ceramic pieces are psychopompos that contain the souls or the vital essence of each one of these figures, because porcelain is something stopped in time”. Formed in the classrooms of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca, a place marked by the abstraction of artists such as Antonio Saura or Fernando Zóbel, Mercedes Bellido (Zaragoza, 1991) is one of the new promises of contemporary painting in Spain. 

"Only love begets wonder. Only love turns clay into a miracle."

Silvio Rodríguez, singer-songwriter

The power of mud

Mud is a primordial material, made up of two of the main elements that make up our planet: land and water. In addition, it has very spiritual connotations the fact of molding from "nothing" and obtaining something as delicate and beautiful as ceramic.

Ceramics and the four elements

In the ceramic process, the four elements appear: earth and water to obtain the mud, air to dry the piece and the fire of the kiln to fire the pieces. I have always been attracted to ceramics, when I was little in Zaragoza there was a craft fair and remember that there was always a potter who always gave me a piece, I loved to see the wheel turn and the apparent ease with which he modeled clay.

Mercedes Bellido could live surrounded by ceramics.

Diptych 'Breaks and Butterflies'.

Study of Mercedes Bellido.

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