Seven young artists honor Camarón de la Isla in an art exhibition by Gunter Gallery

Gunter Gallery, the first online art gallery in Spain, organizes its annual exhibition on November 30 and December 1, in which seven artists (Ricardo Cavolo, Maria Herreros, Carla Fuentes, Mercedes Bellido, Mai Blanco, Pau Sanz Vila and Coco Dávez) make a pictorial tribute to Camarón de la Isla. It is a large sample, made up of original works, dedicated to the singer José Monje Cruz, an aesthetic and musical reference for this new generation of artists.

Gunter Gallery, which last year celebrated its fifth anniversary, will also present new artworks made by some of the 40 artists it has in its catalog, with graphic artworks, collages and unique unpublished artworks. The collective of urban artists Boamistura, the French creator Jean Jullien, the Mexican Lourdes Villagómez, the South Korean Henn Kim, the British illustrator Marcus Oakley or the painter María José Gallardo, are some of the names that will present their new pieces.

The exhibition will be completed with graphic artworks (serigraphs and digital prints with pigmented inks) by artists such as Chamo San, Eugenio Merino, Simmon Said, Gonzalo Muíño, Iván Solbes, Marc Pallarés and Santiago Morilla. Also, the work of two new artists, Blanca Lacasa and Cachorro Lozano, and the winner of the last edition of the Art Hunter contest, Carmen Casado will be presented.

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