Jean Jullien, the best illustrator of the decade

Jean Jullien signature

The Frenchman has created drawings that are connected to recent history and recently his first silkscreen series in limited edition for Gunter Gallery.

Peace- jean JullienThe best illustrator of the decade in Europe is French
. He has aquiline nose, quixotic pose, lives in London and when in November 2015 the city of Paris suffered one of its biggest terrorist attacks, a symbol circulated on social networks around the world and became an icon of peace and solidarity. It was the symbol of peace with the Eiffel Tower inside. Its creator was Jean Jullien (Nantes, France, 1983), an illustrator known worldwide. The most important illustrator of his generation.

He studied at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, he has published in media such as Télérama, Le Nouvel Observateur, The New York Times and The Guardian, and has worked for the Pompidou Center, Yale University and Nike, among others institutions and corporations. His style is near the comic and with the irony as a background, as only the great illustrators of History can do. The music and the moving image occupy his day by day, with the musician The Coward or Brothers Jullien, two of his most crazy and creative projects. Jean Jullien is already one of those artists who has taken part in the historical moment of our time, a reference to the industry of illustration and the graphic art in the world.

Now, we present for the first time the series of silk screen 'Togertherness', a limited edition of 40 units exclusively for Gunter Gallery, signed individually by the artist. It is his tribute to love, when passion becomes almost symbiotic disease. But the artist does not expose it negatively, he shows it in a simple, optimistic and really beautiful in its symbolism way. If being in love is like being sick, then blessed fever.





‘Togertherness’. Jean Jullien.

Silk screen 2 inks on Magnani Incisioni Ivory 310g paper.

Size: 60 x 42 cm. 

Series of 40 units signed by the artist.

Price: 130€

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