Maíllo empties into his new exhibition in Madrid

Maíllo Madrid exhibitionThe artist Maíllo doesn’t stop to created and we really love what he is doing. Recently he has started a new exhibition in Ponce + Robles Gallery (Madrid). 'Enhanced Emptying' is the title of this new show and it represents perfectly well what we saw there.

The artist has emptied himself and has brought out the best of him, his colorful inner world, always linked to current world, new technologies, Youtube, Instagram ... and fire, of course. Strong colors draw the viewer to reality even though the artist refuses the figurative representations from the beginning of his career, but in this occasion he inserts small pieces of objects and brands in the paintings that are present in his day by day, in his Internet searches. The shapes and movements in these paintings lead us to think of classic cartoons, cartoons where we can feel the 'PUM' and 'ZAS' so characteristic, and even somewhat the language of graffiti.

If you are in Madrid you can’t lose it. Highly recommended.

WHAT ?: Enhanced Emptying

WHERE ?: + Gallery Ponce Robles. C / Alameda, 5. Madrid

WHEN ?: November 14 to January 15.

 Maíllo exhibition Madrid Maíllo exhibition Madrid

These are Maíllo's artworks you can find in Gunter Gallery: 'Fire Walk With Me' and 'Fire Walk With me -Balloon' (unique artwork).


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