Santiago Morilla and his last project of 'land art': 39°26'56.8"N 0°23'27.6"W

Picture of the intervention od Santiago Morilla

The artist Santiago Morilla is the top head of the ‘land art’ o ‘site specific art’ in Spain. He continues surprising us with his interventions inside and outside Spain. The latest: 39 ° 26'56.8 "N 0 ° 23'27.6" W. These numbers and letters are the coordinates of the Rambleta cultural space in Valencia, and the title of the action with which he has won the II Fellowship of Artistic Production.

The artist has created a small garden (or "pot sponge" as he calls it) on the roof of The Rambleta, with the shape of the bombs that fell on it during the Civil War. And he has left the huge pot there for months, collecting seeds and spontaneous blooms windblown and pigeons. With this specific project, Santiago Morilla tries to show the consequences of the "environmental and aesthetic impact" of his artistic actions on this place.

Furthermore, on the south facade of the building, the artist has written with waterproof varnish the development of the second law of thermodynamics, which represents a nonequilibrium system that is activated only with the variable "water", either by rain or irrigation.

Quite a spectacle that we are not used to see except with the work of Santiago Morilla and his need to provoque a reaction in visitors.

You can see the results of this installation:

La Rambleta: Bulevar Sur, esq. Carrer Pío IX. Valencia (Spain).

Starting 5th of November.

 Santiago Morilla Land Art Santiago Morilla Land Art

Santiago Morilla Land Art


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