Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?

Poster Guerrilla Girls: Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?

Reality gives us the answer: YES.

Having seen very carefully the exhibition about Guerrilla Girls movement at Matadero Madrid, the reflection is that our gallery does not pass the controls of this organization of anonymous women dressed as gorillas and whose objective is to change the recessive role of women in institutions related to art.

Poster Guerrilla Girls Exhibition

The percentage of females in our gallery is only 21% of the total catalog of artists. And no excuses. Of course, we can ensure that it has not been done on purpose or following some ancestral sexist theory, but driven by the rapid fluctuation in the art world, which has dragged us into this male power with which we are not particularly agree. 

Yes, women are represented only by 5 young Spanish artists in Gunter Gallery. In our defense, we can say that we work with five women with a key role in certain areas: the Peruvian Grimanesa Amoros was the first Latin American woman to exhibit an artwork in Times Square; Btoy is an urban artist who claimed daily the role of women in the street art and she has a strong international reputation; Paula Bonet means the success of illustration made with detail and care, thoroughness and good work of a dreamer who managed to make her dream come true. What to say about Littleisdrawing (Carla Fuentes), who collaborates with leading brands without losing her personality or Silvia Prada, which marked a milestone in the Spanish modernity in the nineties and continues doing it from New York.

From Gunter Gallery we launched a challenge: increase the number of women artists in our catalog and thus show our support for the female part of the art. The Guerrilla Girls will not be able to include us (if that were the case and comparing us with the major international galleries analyzed) in embarrassing graphs!

Ah! We recomend the exhibition at Matadero Madrid until April 26.

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