Rogue love according Eyesores

Artwork by Eyesores

"I am a serial cuddler". "I'm gonna bite your butt". "I want longer arms to hug you all over". Love and risky way to conquer the other. The Spanish illustrator based in New York, Eyesores, keeps throwing phrases to his thousands of followers on the Internet, always with his colorful monsters that, irreverently, sneak into your consciousness and even in your relationship.

The pop and ironic imaginary of Eyesores, nickname of the artist Xavier Gallego, comes from the creative influence of the advertising world where he usually works. But with his inclusion in the catalog of illustrators of Gunter Gallery, an artistic vision of this artist is added, who soon will give editorial surprises. Gunter Gallery is the only place you can get the silk screens signed and numbered by Eyesores, a limited edition gift that can help you to declare your love in a wild and fun way; "Love is all I got", is the title of his artwork.

Xavier, who now lives in New York and works as creative director for R / GA, an American multinational of interactive advertising, working for clients such as Nike or Samsung, has had an exhibition at the Milk Gallery in Istanbul (Turkey) in 2010 and in July 2014 he made his first solo exhibition at NY, with SPREADhouse Gallery, at the art district Lower East Side.


Artworks by Eyesores        Artwork by Eyesores

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