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Visual arts go together with music and vice versa. One doesn’t exist without the other. Is anything better than looking at an artwork while you listen to good music? Our gallery has several artists that are passionate about music and who confess, openly, they could not create without it, music is their engine, their gasoline and the artworks they have done are invariably influenced by the songs they are listening to. Littleisdrawing with her passion for Nick Cave and her conection to the band Polock; Ricardo Cavolo has even written a book about the subject, Illustrated history of music. 100 artists without whom I could not live, by the way, it is a must reading if you want to understand him and his work better; and of course, Aitor Saraiba, who does not hide his weakness for heavy music which he shows with his skulls in ceramic, the messages of his drawings and his particular clothing style.

And much of this music you can find it in LaFonoteca, a group of promoters / passionate about music that we really like, because they are dedicated to supporting emerging groups, they are involved with them until the end and they help to provide opportunities to bands that deserve it. And anyone does that, or almost anyone. Like us (though each in our style), they try to bring out the culture of our country defending it and treating it with the respect it deserves. You will find the best music of Madrid and Barcelona in their website, but also they edit vinyls (they have launched five references already) and organize concerts and musical events in other cities in Spain, as Sevilla and Valencia .... It is impossible to talk about them and do not highlight the huge file with biographies and record reviews they have created with the intention of not losing the musical legacy of our country and keep track of new bands and solo artists in each decade. A work that includes references since the 50s and of all styles.

That’s why we decided to include some of their records in our "Books and Music" section. We have the pop music compilation "New Bríos" (2013) with Madrid bands and "Sea and Mountain" with Catalan groups. In addition, we have the first two volumes of the collection of 7 "vinyl “Airlift ", which encourages the exchange between Madrid-Barcelona with a band of each region. Santiago Morilla was the artist commissioned to illustrate the cover disc volume 1.


And just like that, we invite you to visit their website so you can see the bands they promote and the great work they do: lafonoteca.net/


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