Ricardo Cavolo and the fashion world

Art and fashion. And better if it is the work of the illustrator Ricardo Cavolo which is stamped on the clothes we wear. It is now common to see shirts with Cavolo's drawings in the company Syndicate. His tattooed beings and circus characters have been appearing printed on the good cotton made by this Ukrainian firm. But recently Cavolo has begun to collaborate with a new fashion brand, this time with embroidery. The firm created by the singer Silvia Superstar, Exotica Couture has launched its latest collection within western shirts for boys and for girls with large embroidered based on drawings of Ricardo Cavolo. Wild horses and riding boots with his well known eyes and flames are the creations chosen by Silvia Superstar for these items. But it is important to highlight his international collaborations with other fashion brands such as Springfield, Converse, Dockers or Nike. He made a huge installation to Nike with a balloon shape in which a AirMax shoe seemed to fly, and all with the colorful creations of Cavolo present in the magic item.

nike air max ricardo cavolo Gunter gallery
exotica couture gunter gallery ricardo cavolo t shirtexotica couture ricardo cavolo Gunter Gallery


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