Frida Kahlo loves Ricardo Cavolo back


Ricardo Cavolo's mural about Frida Khalo

The colorful art world of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, and the irreverence of Gabriel Orozco, has a relevant influence in the creations of the artist Ricardo Cavolo. The Spanish artist living in London has just returned from Queretaro (Mexico), where he has took part, along with other young artists from around the world, in the CutOut Festival. He has made a large mural full of his imagery and surreal circus images, all of them very close to the popular and expressionist art that Kahlo led in mid-twentieth century.

And he has dedicated the mural to her. With the sentence'Frida I love you', Cavolo has added his entire symbology to a great job where a bust of the Mexican painter is surrounded by volcanoes, cactus, birds with three eyes, tropical fruits and flowers, many flowers, coming out from her head as if they were a crown of thorns and flames. In the face of Frida Cavolo appears some aesthetic details of the wife of Diego Rivera, but reinterpreted within the current universe of Gunter’s artist. Instead of a double eyebrow, Ricardo has painted a large bird looking at the sky, and the battered spine that kept Frida prostrate on the bed, appears as well on the mural with flames of fire and passion.

With all this, Ricardo Cavolo pays tribute to the art of a country that he has always been attracted to and where his work is understood naturally, because connects wonderfully with Mexican tradition, with its rituals, customs and especially with Frida Kahlo, who would have invited Cavolo to a few tequilas.

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