Ricardo Cavolo’s Bestseller

Picture cover Cocina Indie Book
Cover Cocina Pop book El desorganismo de Daniel Jonston, Ricardo Cavolo

It is not only one, it will be 5. Gunter Gallery’s artist, Ricardo Cavolo, fills books stores with five volumes that make think the spanish editorial industry has many interesting things to tell. He surprised illustrating a musical cookbook called “Indie Cuisine” (Lunwerg Editorial) and now, after getting 3 more editions of this one, he comes back with the part II, “Pop Cuisine”, in which he collaborates with the writter Mario Suarez. He uses all his musical iconography with colorful and humoristic drawings in both books.

But they are not the only publications around music make by the artist. Some months ago he illustrated Santi Balmes’ graphics novel, the famous singer of the music group Love of Lesbian. The book is called “Why did you buy me a walkie-talkie if I am the only son” (Principal de los Libros Editorial) and recently, he has presented one of his more personal projects “The no-organism of Daniel Johnston” (Ponent Editorial) dedicated to the american musician. He pretends to have the book signed by the artist during the spanish music festival “Primavera Sound” in Barcelona where he is going to participate.

After his prolific work and taking in account that he is in the front of the recently launched book “Spanish Illustrators”, we are pleased to announce that Ricardo Cavolo’s colorful universe which is filled with tattooed creatures is become essential in illustrated spanish books.

You can have all of them in Gunter Gallery now!!

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