The eyesores of Xavier Gallego

Artwork by Eyesores

Monsters are the great obsession of this Spanish artist who actually lives in New York and works in advertising. But these monsters are not horrible and menacing, on contrary they are cuddly and lovely. Monsters who throw messages of love, optimism and even are able to make your day happy with their sweet ugliness. They are soft and have beautiful colors as pink, green apple or clear blue.

Love is all I got, artwork by Eyesores for Gunter Gallery

Through this very personal iconography that Xavier Gallego has created, we can see how cheerful and carefree his personality is and how his way of looking at life is always positive. He spreads romantic love messages and rules for happiness masterfully, using humor and a fun graphic line.

“The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” is the title of his next exhibition on July 17th at the gallery SHNY (116 Suffolk St. New York), where he exposes 40 original artworks, 30 digital prints, a mural and an audiovisual project. A complete exhibition where to know the different phases of his career and his development as an artist along the years. And this show is the place to present the silk screen he has made to Gunter Gallery: “Love Is All I Got”.

Eyesores portrait

Impossible not to highlight its success in social networks, which he uses to present their work to the public. As he explains, some other artists use the walls in the streets or the galleries … he uses social networks because of their versatility and the ability to reach a huge percentage of the population. His 96,500 Facebook fans attest it.

We wish him good luck but he does not need it, his work speaks for him.

This is the artwork he has done for the gallery, Love is all I Got. 

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