Coco Dávez and her realism inspired by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan said that "The songs are thoughts that stop time for a moment. To play a song is to hear thoughts." And understand the music of this genius is to be connected with poetry and soul. Bob Dylan never thought his song "Blowin 'in the Wind' would become in more than a hymn, even for generations born decades after its release in 1963. A protest song that ask for explanations to armed conflicts, because "the answer, my friend, is blowin 'in the wind" as the song says. These verses inspires young artists like Coco Davez, who has joined Gunter Gallery with a silkscreen tribute to the American musician.portrait of Coco Dávez

"Dylan marked my adolescence, his lyrics and aesthetics won me with a simultaneous rhythms", says the artist. That’s why we have wanted she to appear before you all, by our hand, with that piece about the singer who once said about himself that "I do not have a nice voice or sing nice but I don’t mind". And we know truly he doesn’t need it.

Coco Davez is the artistic name of a painter, Valeria Palmeiro (Madrid, 1989), who drinks from pop art and new realism. With a meteoric career, she has created her own brand with her latest collection, Faceless, which has already exhibited in cities such as Madrid, Lisbon and Santiago de Chile. This first series about Bob Dylan comes from that collection.. Its simplicity of lines, its sentimental purity, its color and the delicacy of painting faces faceless, well worth a chord of the Minnesota singer. A hurray for Bob Dylan! A hurray for Coco Dávez!

More information about the artwork 'Bob Dylan' here.

Bob Dylan framed     Bob Dylan silk screens     Coco Davez in front of Bob Dylan

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