Ten artworks of Gunter Gallery are been exhibited in Washington D.C.

 Ricardo cavolo at Washington

The Spanish illustration is going around the world with the exhibition "Spanish Illustrators. The Color of Optimism“, organized by AECID, and with the collaboration of several artists from Gunter Gallery. The last venue to host this exhibition has been Washington D.C., in the former residence of the Ambassador of Spain in the city. A total of 10 artworks and 7 of our artists have participated in this great exhibition that has already passed through Berlin, Frankfurt and Rome. Ricardo Cavolo, Paula Bonet, Carla Fuentes, Santiago Morilla, Ivan Solbes, Aitor Saraiba and Silvia Prada are part of the exhibition, curated by Mario Suarez.

The exhibition, which is open to the public until June 26, 2016, was attended by Ricardo Cavolo, who painted a mural during the days of the opening, that will be part of the heritage of the Embassy of Spain in USA. 'Spanish Illustrators: The Color of Optimism' is releasing the best generation in the history of young Spanish artists of this discipline, whose works are usual in national and international publications, galleries, museums and commercial firms.

Pictures at the exhibition

The great tradition of the Spanish illustration has contributed significantly to the history of art and remains essential both in industry and in the media. Artists like Goya, Picasso and Dali were distinguished illustrators who drove the development of this artistic discipline making it one of the bases of the fine arts.

According to Mario Suarez, "This is the best generation of illustrators in Spain, names that followed in the footsteps of Mariscal and his work for the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, Max and his legendary cover for the magazine New Yorker, Ana Juan and his numerous collaborations with the same magazine, and Jordi Labanda and his work for Wallpaper, Vogue USA and the New York Times Sunday magazine; now it has come over with all these young illustrators".

Other artists that can be seen in the exhibition are Raul Allen, Marta Altés Oscar del Amo, Iban Barrenetxea, Mikel Casal, César Fernández Arias, Oscar Gimenez, Javier Jubera, Violeta Lopiz, Sean Mackaoui, Merino, Gabriel Moreno, Maria Pascual also appear Sonia Pulido, Paco Roca, Conrad Roset, Maria Simavilla, Eva Solano, Robert Tirado, Luis Úrculo and Naomi Villamuza. 

The exhibition will continue through 2016 roaming:

  • Miami (Cultural Center of Spain in Miami): 01/09 - 16/10.
  • Mexico City (Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico): 01/11 - 01/02/2017

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