Gunter Gallery will exhibit new artworks in Matadero Madrid

Gunter Rocks

We will be face to face. The next 5th and 6th of March, Gunter Gallery will exhibit its new artworks within Market Design in Matadero Madrid. It will be an exhibition of over 25 pieces of our leading artists, as well as the new additions to the gallery.

The French artist Jean Jullien is the most important novelty in the catalog of the online gallery. Jullien, well known French illustrator, presents its first series, signed and numbered, in limited edition in Spain. The artwork reflects the conceptual development around contemporary illustration of this unique creator, heir to the great European artists and designers such as Hergé or Gustave Doré.

Yera by Ricardo Cavolo

We also show the new silkscreen by the artist Ricardo Cavolo, 'Yeraz', a portrait of an Armenian princess living in the dream world we all have. The group of urban artists, Boamistura, presents their new work 'Firmness' a limited edition silkscreen, which is a transfer to paper of one of their recent actions on the street.

The work of the Spanish artist Eugenio Merino will be also exposed for the first time to the public. 'Victory & Death' is the title of the first incursion of this fine artist in graphic art. The series mixes silk screen with spray and have been done one by one by Merino. Finally, the illustrator SrGarcía exhibits his unique mixes of collages with silk screen, two works in limited edition where the creator has put his accurate hand-and his patience- in each of the works.

Gunter Gallery jumps the online format to the physical one with this exhibition, within Matadero Madrid, and wanting to show the public our work and the work of our artists: Paula Bonet, Ivan Solbes, Carla Fuentes, Aitor Saraiba, Andrés Jaque, Jacinto Manuel, Dourone... a unique generation around the young art in Spain that has its meeting place in Gunter Gallery.


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