Carla Fuentes becomes a 'homie' of Ron Matusalem and reinterprets the label on the bottle, with Gunter Gallery

Ron Matusalem, in his unconditional support for design and art, has counted on a new edition of his Matusalem Homies project with the artist from Gunter Gallery, Carla Fuentes. The illustrator opened her studio to show where she gets her inspiration from and also made a limited edition of a label for a bottle of Ron Matusalem. For its creation, it has been inspired by the streets of Havana and its people, and where the flavors of Cuba are present; wood, earth, color, warmth ... "What led me to accept this challenge was to see my art in an unusual context for me, I love labels, they give added value to the product, and I think that the people who have good taste will say “I want that rum!


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